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Florence – 23 SEPTEMBER 2013
Teatro della Pergola
The future of tomorrow is not the future today
The future of today is different from the future of tomorrow

It is inspired by this theme that the Galileo 2000 Prize back to propose for its 15th Edition, all projected onto the new, on the extreme research, on the heroic power to exceed the limit imposed by what is ' humanly readable and established, on everything that goes beyond that which is understood as ' possible ', for contact definitely looking the impossible and unpredictable, as the only key and real progress.

The Scientific Committee of the award, composed by Zubin Mehta, Alfonso De Virgiliis, Jack Lang, Irene Papas, Irina Strozzi, Marco Giorgetti, has turned its attention this year to the identification in each discipline and the Social culture of those who have been able to advance humanity operating out of canons, outside the conventions, outside the lines, looking for those who, in the undertaking of an extreme attempt, have been able to impress in a world in which prevails the obvious and the ordinary, thus propagating and embodying the great ideals of peace and culture that are also the basis of foundational purposes of the Award.

For this reason, this Edition, assume particular importance the sections devoted to Technology, Science,, Research looking with an underlying inspiration that comes from Fusionism that is the kind of artistic expression that is based on the merger, on the integration and blending of different elements, even the most disparate involving painting, sculpture, sound, light, video, collage, or photo through the Assembly capacity.

On the contrary to the minimalist trends, research of purity, elegance of lines or colours, the Fusionism focuses its production on the hybrid, on the accumulation and contamination.
The idea of a continuous discovery of components with the extend of observation makes the simple vision when considered through a general interpretation and conversely very complex in the particular view.

A spontaneous, unaffected, subjecting such a high and constant stimulation, dictated by colours, sounds, lights, very different feelings between them without an order, without dictates of any kind.
The most representative artist is Neuman Shalom , for which the work is the product of the energy of the artist's life: art is a vital need to express all their needs and not a conscious and rational choice presupposes that the exclusions. Many people associate the artistic philosophy of Shalom to Baj, founder of nuclear art, a movement based on the idea that matter is transformed into energy and movement.
Then contemplation but not active and dynamic position. And it's clear the consonance between these thoughts and those that form the basis of the Galileo 2000 Prize. Shalom's works are based on the concept of non-exclusion: true freedom, one tending to infinity of arithmetic it is therefore consistent with an artistic technique based on the multiplication of multiplication. Become so many points of view, but also the materials and structures used.
We can therefore speak of con-fusion referring to these types of jobs — a fusion of elements that are put into dialogue with each other, improbable combinations are proposed and objects acquire a completely different function than known. The fusion of the elements, however, takes place in a manner that appears almost natural: the different parties are involved in an organic structure without any forcing shine through in the integration of subjects. Incongruous objects are welded in illogical structures, fluorescent lights placed in complex compositions, newspaper and real materials are grouped in artificial digital figures: any item, object or image seems to find its place in a spontaneous way.

It is therefore evident, starting and moving from that inspiration and from these stimulation, we think for this year's Prize for special attention to the study on the thought, with the movement of colors resulting from stimulation of the brain studied by Lana Morrow and illustrated by renowned scientists such as Moses Chao, to those on computers with Federico Faggin, inventor of a revolutionary microprocessor, which will not name recognition than that but its new search geared towards other more futuristic and crazy and the frontiers of science. And still others who, like them, working with courage to overcome limits and therefore humans in particular Space Explorer Roberto Vittori .

The Music Section this year, recognizes the value of the prestigious Wiener Philharmonic Orchestra for this deeper engagement in the exploration of contemporary music and the courage and the talent of Leonora Armellini on piano, while the Culture Section rewards the Louvre Museum for opening, strongly wanted by its Chairman, its "branches" in poor areas of France and Mary Clark is also a member of Fusionism.

According to the proven formula of previous editions of the prize, and the invited personalities from all over the world will be conducted in an imaginary journey that passes through many sensory experiences truly unique scientific and artistic, celebratory unifying moment will lead to recognition of those who are today the messengers and porters of highly innovative values in different disciplines and areas of culture and society. After the performative moments with artists, actors, dancers and musicians, members of many different cultures, countries, and artistic currents of thought on stage will be the award ceremony and the spectacular final part, composed of theatre, dance and music.

Carrying actively involves how every year the Teatro della Pergola and the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The artistic direction and coordination are directorial curated by Marco Giorgetti, collaboration for various aspects of setting up, by Michele Bini, lighting designer by Watt Studio, Micol Joanka Medda for costumes and scenes and Gabriella Furlan, with its Ballet of Padua, for the choreography and dance.

Evening invitation.