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XVII Edition

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Interview to dott. Giorgetti at Buongiorno Regione Toscana (Rai Tre) by 23/11/2016

Interview to dott. Bartolo to Novaradio by 23/11/2016

XVI Edition

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XV Edition





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XIII Edition

Benigni, the Cardinal and the Galileo Awards at Holy Cross

On October 24th there will be a great show in the square on occasion of the ceremony in the Franciscan Basilica. In addition to the actor, recognition will also be given to His Eminence Renato Martino, Maestro Ozawa, the Spanish ballet dancer Corella, the German astrophysicist Genzel, the Mayor of Aquila and Soprano Paola Leggeri. Some 700 VIP’s to attend. Spain is the first partner in an international network.

Florence – Galileo 2000 Awards President Alfonso De Virgiliis released the final list today of the winners of the XIII edition of the awards, to be celebrated in Florence at the National Library and in the Basilica of the Holy Cross, which will be hosting an event of this kind for the first time.
There will be three awards assigned to culture on the themes of Art, Science and Faith, which characterise this edition: to Roberto Benigni for Art, to the German astrophysicist Reinhard Genzel for Science and to Cardinal Renato R. Martino, President of the Papal Counsel on Peace and Justice, for Faith.
Maestro Seiji Ozawa and the young Soprano Paola Leggeri have also been awarded, both for Music, along with Spanish dancer Angel Corella for Dance and Aquila Mayor Massimo Cialente in homage to the dignity and pride of the citizens of Abruzzo.
Together with Holy Cross Charity President Stefania Fuscagni and Central National Library Director Antonia Ida Fontana, who collaborated in organising the 2009 Awards, the Rector of the Basilica, Franciscan Father Antonio Di Marcantonio, was also present at the press conference. All of the award winners will participate in the ceremony, which will take place between the sepulchres, which face each other, of Galileo and Michelangelo. Writer Antonella Boralevi will act as Master of Ceremonies, in the presence of 700 personalities from institutions and the fields of politics, culture, economy and show business, who will be coming to Florence from all over the world.
The awards ceremony is the culmination of an articulated theatrical itinerary created in collaboration with Eti-Teatro della Pergola and the Florentine “Maggio Musicale” festival and entrusted to an artistic staff coordinated by Ilaria Bucchioni, Micol Medda and Caterina Bottai.
The public will be accompanied through the halls of the National Library by recitals, singing, concerts and readings, along with shows of drawings and photographs commemorating Galileo’s cultural and human adventure. The moments given over to dance, with the choreography of Padua Dance Ballet Director Gabriella Furlan will be extremely important. This ballet corps has performed at the Awards for years. There will be more to come with the Rossini Philharmonic Orchestra and the municipal flag throwers. Some of the actors belong to the Florence Theatre Academy, directed by Pietro Bartolini.
The itinerary is enriched by an enthralling exhibit of original works signed by Galileo, including his notebooks and drawings of his first observations of the Moon and Jupiter, the books “The Assayer”, “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”, the “Discourse on the Comets”, a printed copy of the The Starry Messenger [Sidereus Nuncius], with handwritten additions and the letter with the first drawings of Saturno tricorporeo, or Saturn with what he defined as its two moons.
From the Library, visitors will proceed to the Cloister designed by Brunelleschi, whose upper balcony has been equipped with telescopes pointing towards the Moon and Jupiter. In the garden below, on the other hand, an allegorical ballet has been organised, inspired by the movements of the planets.
In Arnolfo’s Cloister, which follows, Carmen Corella (the awardee’s sister) will give a ballet performance in front of the celebrated Pazzi Chapel, dancing to the solo performance of Paola Leggeri, who will sing Schubert’s Ave Maria. Finally, entry into the basilica. After the ceremony, Angel Corella will dance, again to Schubert’s Ave Maria, in the illuminated Holy Cross Church courtyard, which will then be performed by the string quartet of the Fiesole School of Music.
With the 2009 edition of the Galileo 2000 Awards, the international network of Galileo’s Stars will debut. The network will be comprised of the cities where cultural festivals take place (cinema, theatre, dance, etc.), which support the ideals of the awards. The first link will be the festival of La Granja (Spain), which Corella won this year.
The supporters of the Galileo Awards include: Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Banca Federico del Vecchio, Banca Interregionale, Gucci, Eleuteri Gioielli d’epoca. As it is known, the Basilica of the Holy Cross is the property of the Religious Building Fund. The Galileo 2000 Awards Foundation wishes to thank the Florence Prefect’s Office and the Ministry of the Interior.

Press Room 2009:

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X Edition

X Premio Galileo 2000
under the auspices of the President of the Republic

Milan, 20 April 2006 – At a press conference held in the Carlton Hotel Baglioni, Milan, the president of the Fondazione Premio Galileo 2000, Alfonso De Virgiliis, Carlo Arborio Mella for Fondazione Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, together with the president, Giuseppe Ferrazza, and general manager, Marco Giorgetti, of the Ente Teatrale Italiano, presented the X Premio Galileo 2000 to be held in Florence on May 14th in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Pitti.
In the gracious presence of H.M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, the following awards will be presented: the Award for Peace to His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I; the Award for Culture to the Japanese film director Takeshi Kitano; the Giglio d’Oro-A Life for Music Prize to the opera singer Ruggero Raimondi; the Pentagramma d’Oro-A Life for Music Prize to conductor Carlo Ponti Jr; the Special Award Leonarda “Genius of Woman” to the actress Irene Papas; the Special Award Leonardo “Genius of Man” to the businessman Roberto Colaninno; and the Award for Dance to the Royal Danish Ballet.
The Premio Galileo 2000-A Life for Music was established in 1996 by Alfonso De Virgiliis with the approval and support of the Superintendent of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The aim of the prize was to support and promote a musical event that would give prominence to artistic continuity. People who love music must be, ipso facto, lovers of peace and so it was decided that the Premio Galileo 2000 should be also given to a person of international standing whose actions, personal commitment and morals have contributed to fostering peace in the world. The Premio Galileo 2000 for Peace was founded in 2003. But music is also culture, and peace needs culture in order to establish itself more strongly; the Premio Galileo 2000 for Culture was introduced in 2004. In 2005 the Premio was enriched with yet another special award: the Premio Galileo 2000-Freedom of Thought.
Past winners include: Zubin Mehta, Simone Pedroni, Semyon Bychkov, Josè Luis Basso, Giuseppe Sinopoli, Debora Beronesi, Franco Battiato, Roberto Bolle, Bruno Bartoletti, Julian Konstantinov, Uto Ughi, Umberto Clerici, Shimon Peres, Riccardo Muti, Riccardo Crocilla, Mohammed Yunus, Jack Lang, Andrea Bocelli, Ksenia Bashmet, Emma Bonino, Carlos Fuentes and Bernard-Henri Lévy.
The awards ceremony will take place during an unforgettable gala evening featuring a Medicean Renaissance celebration organised by Fondazione Premio Galileo 2000 in co-operation with the Ente Teatrale Italiano and the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.
The atmosphere of life at the court of the Medici will be created at the start of the awards ceremony, which will take place in the Ammannati courtyard: pictures of past awards ceremonies projected on the walls of the palazzo will be transformed into a reconstruction of the architecture of the Teatro della Pergola with its characteristic arrangement of stalls and boxes which was in fact inspired by the Ammannati courtyard.
The period evocation will continue in the rooms of the Palazzo with costumed actors who will recreate scenes from everyday court life in the elegant rooms, which will be illuminated to highlight interesting features, works of art and the magnificent furnishings. Live music and dance and tableaux vivants will add the finishing touches to a unique, exceptional atmosphere.
Dinner will be served on the two terraces with a splendid view down onto the illuminated Piazza and the façade of Palazzo Pitti. The award winners and special guests will dine in the Sala Bianca.
The high point of the Premio Galileo 2000 of 2006 will be the arrival in the Piazza of the costumed procession for Florence’s calcio storico (Florentine football played in period costume). It will be the first time in decades that the procession has entered Piazza Pitti. Before some 700 guests and the people of Florence, and illuminated by flaming torches, the actors and flag throwers will present a re-enactment of the ancient traditions of court games and festivities, a spectacular performance that will set a seal on the unbroken link between the great story of the Commedia dell’Arte and modern theatre, of which the Pergola is indeed a unique symbol.
Lastly, the Captain of the procession will present the guest of honour with la grida, the traditional Medicean parchment; yet another surprise in an amazing evening.
The evening will be graciously attended by H.M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, during Her Majesty’s private visit to Italy. Her Majesty will on May 17th inaugurate the exhibition entitled Il Sogno di una Regina (A Queen’s Dream), which will include, for the first time in Italy, the works of Queen Margrethe. The exhibition is organised by Fondazione Premio Galileo 2000 in co-operation with Museo Stibbert.
The president of the Fondazione Premio Galileo, Alfonso De Virgiliis, said, “The X Premio Galileo 2000 will be an unforgettable event devoted to peace and culture. Our wish is to provide this event not only to our guests but also – with the return of the Calcio Storico procession to Piazza Pitti – to the whole city. In view of the illustrious presence of His All Holiness Bartholomew I, we are actively engaged in organising an important Meeting of Religions and we are awaiting the response of representatives of the Jewish and Islamic faiths and those of the other Christian Churches. The whole organisation has and will be extremely elaborate and we could not have managed it all without the help of major sponsors, such as the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, AnsaldoBreda, Banca Toscana, Gucci, Borghi International, and Baglioni Hotels Group.”

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IX Edition

Andrea Bocelli, Emma Bonino, Carlos Fuentes, Henri Lévy
Announcement of the winners of the 9th edition of the Premio Galileo 2000. Pentagramma d’Oro to the young Russian pianist Ksenia Bashmet. The ceremony, a sensational and spectacular event, which for the first time will involve both the Uffizi and Boboli, will be held on 19 June.

Florence – The most famous museum in the world (the Uffizi), the mythical Vasarian Corridor, the phantasmagorical Boboli Gardens. This is the unrivalled backdrop to the 9th edition of the Premio Galileo 2000, assigned this year to four international figures in the spheres of music (Andrea Bocelli), and culture (the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes), and for civic commitment to peace (Emma Bonino). The Pentagramma d’Oro for promise in music was instead awarded to the twenty-five year-old Russian pianist Ksenia Bashmet.
And so Florence will play host to one of the most spectacular events of the year, a ceremony which for the first time will celebrate in a highly theatrical key some of the most important museums in the country and a universe of masterpieces which are the envy of the entire planet, with the objective of paying tribute to those who have demonstrated outstanding talents in the sphere of the arts and of ideas, and those who have made exceptional efforts in the direction of justice and peace.
The prizewinners of this 9th edition take their places within a roll of eminence which includes, among others, the names of the former French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang and the great Pakistani economist Mohammed Yunus (2004), the former Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres (2003) and, continuing backwards, extraordinary musicians such as Riccardo Muti and Zubin Mehta, Uto Ughi and Franco Battiato, Bruno Bartoletti, Semyon Bychkov and Giuseppe Sinopoli.
Organised by the Foundation of the same name, in collaboration with Antonio De Virgiliis and Michele Reali, general agents of the Florence branch of INA Assitalia, the Premio Galileo 2000 continues to benefit from the extraordinary contribution of the Italian Theatre Body, ETI, through the Teatro della Pergola and the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.
Music is effectively the primary raison d’être of the Premio Galileo 2000, which made its debut in 1996 celebrating virtuosi and famous orchestra directors. Inspired by the concept that the message of music is intrinsically universal and pacifist, the scope of the initiative was extended two years ago to international relations, in terms of commitment for Peace, since last year also to Culture, and from this year of 2005 also to Freedom of thought, awarding the first recognition in this category to Bernard Henri Lévy.
The ceremony of 19 June will be attended by guests from all over the world, governors and politicians, representatives of the institutions, personalities from the world of culture and the performing arts, industry and finance, who will be welcomed in the most unexpected and sumptuous manner along this itinerary of wonders, unique of its kind, which will finally emerge in the vast amphitheatre of Boboli, where the gala and prize-giving will be held.
The Premio Galileo 2000 will welcome guests at the entrance to the Uffizi and will accompany them on a tour of the finest rooms of the museum, before proceeding along the self-portrait gallery (Vasarian Corridor). Following this route, crossing the Arno concealed from view above the Ponte Vecchio and traversing the heart of the Medici city, they will then arrive in Palazzo Pitti and Boboli.
The already magical atmosphere of the garden will be enhanced by a rêverie animated by actors, musicians and dancers, based on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. The performances will be enlivened by spectacular plays of light and dancing spirits, figures in costume, acrobats and mime artists who will guide the guests in the discovery of the various theatrical interludes. The environs will resound to the Baroque notes of Henry Purcell and the Romantic chords of Felix Mendelssohn.

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VIII Edition

GALILEO 2000 PRIZE – 2004 Edition awarded to Muhammad Yunus, Jack Lang, Riccardo Muti and Riccardo Crocilla. The event in Florence on next 30th of May

30th of May 2004: the summer event of the Galileo Prize awarding, organized by Alfonso De Virgiliis and the General Agents of Florence Ina Assitalia, Antonio De Virgiliis and Michele Reali, is going to be anticipated this year at the end of May.
Also the scenery will be different for this eight edition of the prize. From the “retrò” evenings at the Pergola Theatre to the magical and fantastic atmospheres of a Myth, to be experienced among the extraordinary forms exposed at the National Museum of Bargello, which has been granted for the occasion by the Polo Museale Fiorentino’s Special Superintendence.
Also the Ente Teatrale italiano (government organization for italian theatrical system) through the Pergola theatre and the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino theatre will be collaborating in the organization of the event.
The last edition of the traditional Music prize was enriched by the Peace prize, awarded to Shimon Peres in 2003. Peace is the greatest good of all, and the economical and cultural growth of the people are fundamental basis of peace. The economical growth alone can not guarantee peace. It needs the culture, that expresses itself ideally through the universal language of the Music. Everyone who helps realizing Peace with his work, is in fact a hero and will become a part of the Myth.
Thus this year the guests will experience the journey of an imaginary hero, they will be accompanied and guided by the Poem of an universal Epos, rocked by marine sounds and astonished by different dances and rhythms.
Every guest, becoming the protagonist of a poem, will meet many different peoples, he will visit many places and live the experiences, that help to reach the knowledge, which takes to the supreme good, that is peace.

Among the highest expressions of plastic art of all times, the journey will lead to the acknowledgment of the “heroes” of the evening:

Muhammad Yunus, the inventor of a form of credit, that is given to the poorest and has revolutionized the way of life of entire populations, saving them from slavery and misery.
Jack Lang, former French Minister of culture and supporter of the integration of immigrants and valorisation of their cultural differences.
The special editions of the Galileo prize 2000 for peace and culture are awarded to them.

The prize Giglio d’oro will be assigned to Riccardo Muti at the end of the concert, that the Maestro will be holding at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. He will be direct the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Scala.
While waiting the arrival of the Maestro, the guests will see the second part of the concert at the Bargello, thanks to a live immage, that will be sent from the Theatre.
Together with the Maestro, the young clarinet-player Riccardo Crocilla will be awarded the “Pentagramma d’oro”, that acknowledges every year the emerging talent in music.

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VI Edition

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V Edition

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IV Edition

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II Edition

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I Edition

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